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Books by Robert Lacey

The Crown solo face.jpg
The Crown: The Official History
'The things which I have here before promised, I will perform and keep. So help me God.' Netflix's original series The Crown painted a unique and intimate portrait of Britain's longest-reigning...
2017 - Blink Publishing ISBN: 0-1234-5678-9
THE CROWN Book Jacket.jpg
The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1 Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, And The Making Of A Young Queen (1947-1955)
The official companion to the critically acclaimed Netflix drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown by Peter Morgan, featuring additional historical background and exclusive images. p...
2017 - Penguin Random House ISBN: 0-1234-5678-9
Model Woman cover.jpg
Model Woman Eileen Ford and the Business of Beauty
A revealing, no-holds-barred portrait of the legendary Eileen Ford—the entrepreneur who transformed the business of modeling and helped invent the celebrity supermodel. Working with her husband,...
2015 - Harper ISBN: 0-1234-5678-9
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Gulf Charities and Islamic Philanthropy in the Age of Terror and Beyond
9/11 gave birth to many conspiracy theories - among them the suspicion that Islamic charities were knowing and willing vehicles for Islamic terrorism. Robert Lacey examines this accusation with his...
2014 - Gerlach Press With Jonathan Benthall ISBN: 978-3940924322
Grace: Her Lives - Her Loves
Grace: Her Lives - Her Loves
Movie legend, princess, tragic heroine. The moment Grace Kelly stepped into the spotlight in 1950, the world was entranced. In this definitive biography of Hollywood’s sweetheart, Robert Lacey looks...
2014 - Apostrophe Books ISBN: N/A
A brief life of the Queen - Book cover
A Brief Life of the Queen
The Queen applies the classic formula of the Brief Life to the most recognized yet still enigmatic woman in the world, Queen Elizabeth II. For more than thirty years Robert Lacey has been gathering...
2012 - Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd ISBN: 978-0715642924
Inside the Kingdom Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists, and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is a country defined by paradox: it sits atop some of the richest oil deposits in the world, and yet the country's roiling disaffection produced sixteen of the nineteen 9/11...
2009 - Hutchinson ISBN: 009193124X / 9780670021185
Great tales from English history. (Omnibus) A treasury of true stories about the extraordinary people, knights and knaves, rebels and heroes, queens and commoners, who made Britain great
From ancient times to the present day, the story of England has been laced with drama, intrigue, courage and passion - a rich and vibrant narrative of heroes and villains, kings and rebels, artists...
2007 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 0316067571 / 9780316067577
Great tales from English history. (Pt 3) Captain Cook, Samuel Johnson, Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin, Edward the Abdicator, and more
History at its best--the great stories of England's modern age, distilled in Robert Lacey's inimitable style. From William and Mary to Watson and Crick, Robert Lacey's newest volume...
2006 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 0316114596 / 9780316114592
Great tales from English history. (Pt 2) Joan of Arc, the princes in the Tower, Bloody Mary, Oliver Cromwell, Sir Isaac Newton, and more
Great Tales is accessible history at its finest, based on the latest research and packed with insight, wit and brilliant detail. Praise for Great Tales from English History: Cheddar Man to the...
2005 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 031610924X
Great tales from English history. (Pt 1) The truth about King Arthur, Lady Godiva, Richard the Lionheart, and more
rom ancient times to the present day, the story of England has been laced with drama, intrigue, courage and passion – a rich and vibrant narrative of heroes and villains, kings and rebels, artists...
2004 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 031610910X
Monarch The life and reign of Elizabeth II
For more than fifty years, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor – who became Elizabeth II, Queen of England on February 6, 1952 – has been loved and loathed, revered and feared, applauded and criticized...
2002 - Simon & Schuster ISBN: 0743236696 / 9780743236690
Royal Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
In 1977, Robert Lacey’s bestselling Majesty was the first serious biography of Elizabeth II, defining the affection for the Queen that underlay the popular success of the silver Jubilee. Now, on the...
2002 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 0316859400
Year 1000. What life was like at the turn of the first millennium : an Englishman's world
Ever wondered what life was like at the turn of the first millennium? How did monks communicate if they were not allowed to speak? What punishments could the law impose without stone and iron prisons...
1999 - Little, Brown & Company Co-written with Danny Danziger ISBN: 0316558400
Queen Mother's Century
Born on August 4, 1900, the Queen Mother came in with the twentieth century, and her inspiring story covers ten dramatic decades of spectacle and change. To look at her life is to look at history....
1999 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 0316511544 / 9780316511544
Sotheby's Bidding for Class
n absorbing account of life inside the world's oldest and richest auction house, this book brings to life the personalities, ambition and shrewd business dealing which operate behind the glamour and...
1998 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 0316511390
Long before she became a princess, Grace Kelly was a legend, a fabled movie star whose aloof and aristocratic bearing belied a deep sensuality within. Grace the icon and Grace the woman were two very...
1994 - Pan Macmillan ISBN: 0283061588 / 9780283061585
Little Man Meyer Lansky and the gangster life
Little Man is a book about organised crime unlike any other yet written. If, in the mythology of organised crime, Al Capone symbolised the crude menace of the machine gun and the baseball bat, Meyer...
1991 - Random House ISBN: 0099971305 / 9780099971306
God bless her! Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
When Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon accepted the hand of Prince Albert, Duke of York, in January 1923, she embarked on a journey that would make her one of the most popular and best-loved royal ladies...
1987 - Random House ISBN: 0091808626
The Cover of the Ford book by Robert Lacey
Ford The Men and the machine
The story of Henry Ford and the dynasty he founded is in many ways the story of America itself - a tale of energy, enterprise, raw and ruthless ambition and fabulous rewards. The farm boy from the...
1986 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN: 0316511668
lue blood and noble birth have always captured the imagination. This book traces the modern history of the aristocracy through the six great noble families who formed the subject of Robert's BBC...
1983 - Random House ISBN: 0091542901
Princess is the story of the girl who sprang from obscurity to become the most talked-about and the most photographed woman in the world. This first ever biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, is a...
1982 - Random House Designed by Michael Rand. ISBN: 0091491703 / 9780091491703
The Kingdom. Arabia and the House of Sa'Ud
he Kingdom is a mysterious place, and it unveils its mysteries only grudgingly. Someone who takes up the challenge, who goes to live among its people, who visits its palaces and oil wells and bedouin...
1982 - Harcourt ISBN: 0151472602
Majesty Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor
What is it like to have a private audience with the Queen? To take tea or go on tour with her? To stay in one of her homes? What principles guided her as she chose Britain's Prime Ministers in 1957...
1977 - Random House ISBN: 0091287707
The Queens of the North Atlantic.
For over a quarter of a century the North Atlantic passage was the ultimate in sophisticated travel, the principal link between Europe and America, a way of life for socialites, writers, film stars....
1973 - Sidgwick & Jackson ISBN: 0283979232
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Walter Raleigh was the most colourful and exciting of all the great Elizabethans. Explorer, poet, pirate and scientist, he was Queen Elizabeth's most famous courtier and the archetypal...
1973 - Weidenfeld & Nicolson ISBN: 0297765574
Life and times of Henry VIII.
The accession of Henry VIII (reigned 1509-1547) was greeted with rapture by his subjects: young, handsome, and open-handed, the new King lost no time in making his Court the most colourful and...
1972 - Weidenfeld & Nicolson Introduction by Antonia Fraser. ISBN: 0297003208
The cover of Robert, earl of Essex
Robert, Earl of Essex An Elizabethan Icarus
At the end of the 16th century, Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, embodied the brilliance of the Elizabethan age. He was England's shining star through his romance with Elizabeth, the Faery Queen...
1971 - Weidenfeld & Nicolson ISBN: 0297003208

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