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The Men and the machine

The story of Henry Ford and the dynasty he founded is in many ways the story of America itself - a tale of energy, enterprise, raw and ruthless ambition and fabulous rewards. The farm boy from the Michigan woods who fought his way up to become one of the wealthiest men in the world, Henry Ford became a folk hero to his countrymen, the subject of countless legends that he himself loved to gild.

To research this book, Robert went to live in Detroit, the Mecca of the American car industry, to immerse himself in his subject. He went to work on the assembly line, that most famous of Henry Ford's inventions, and interviewed members of the Ford family, their friends and their enemies. The result is a powerful and original portrait of a family and an epoch.

Ford: the Men and the Machine, a best seller on both sides of the Atlantic which formed the basis for the TV mini-series the same title, starring Cliff Robertson.

1986 - Little, Brown & Company ISBN:0316511668

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