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Life and times of Henry VIII.

The accession of Henry VIII (reigned 1509-1547) was greeted with rapture by his subjects: young, handsome, and open-handed, the new King lost no time in making his Court the most colourful and extravagant in Europe. Yet this glamorous exterior disguised the unpredictable and savagely ruthless nature of the King, and as his reign developed, these traits were to become increasingly evident. This compelling and lavishly illustrated biography traces the story of this colourful figure from his vigorous youth to gross and immobile old age.

We see Henry as the absolute ruler who raised the English monarchy to a pinnacle of arbitrary power as the centre of a Court of immense brilliance and talent, and as a man who, despite his cruelty and unpredictability, could inspire men with loyalty and devotion to the end.

1972 - Weidenfeld & Nicolson ISBN:0297003208 Introduction by Antonia Fraser.

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