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The King's Tomb.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

I've discovered there's a new star in that stellar building at Windsor, St George's Chapel.

'Where's the Queen Mother buried?' was the question most frequently asked by visitors until last year. But then Colin Firth won his Oscar, and now there's a new query - "Where's the King of 'The King's Speech'?" King George VI has finally become the most important occupant of the tomb that holds both his remains and those of his consort, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother -- along with the ashes of Princess Margaret that were slipped inside after her cremation in February 2002.

The Chapel of St George, Windsor is within the walls of Windsor Castle and is one of the Queen’s private churches, governed not by the Church of England but by the Dean and Canons of Windsor. It is known as a Royal Peculiar, and is the final resting place of many of famous monarchs, including Henry VIII, King Charles I and 'mad' King George III. But shy, stammering King George VI, the beloved father of the present Queen, currently outranks them all.

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