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Robert on Radio 2

Aled Jones on Radio 2

On Sunday June 3rd I shall be on BBC Radio 2 with Aled Jones talking about the Jubilee -- I shall be on the show around 8:30am (UK time).

"Each week Aled Jones plays tracks from a broad musical spectrum, that celebrates both our choral traditions and the vibrant world of modern music as well as spiritually uplifting and reflective music. He also discusses religious and ethical issues of the week with faith representatives."

"Aled Jones says Good Morning Sunday and celebrates the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with Robert Lacey. Also on the show faith guest is Canon Ann Easter - Her Majesty's Chaplin - will also bring our Moment of Reflection."

Updated 27 Sept 2012: The interview was broadcast on Jubilee Sunday and featured a track from the best-selling selling album of Her Majesty's entire reign -- recorded, appropriately enough, by Queen!

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