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Americans are excited by the idea of Royal twins

Prince William and his wife Katherine.

"When Prince William and Kate's official announcement that she is pregnant came Monday, the palace said she was "expecting a baby."

But in light of the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is also suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of acute morning sickness, there has been growing speculation that she may, in fact, be expecting twins. "

So say Simon Perry and Dimi Gaidatzi in this weeks People Magazine.

Later in the article the authors and I discussed the forthcoming changes to the laws of succession -

Under the current law of the land, If the twins are a girl first followed by a boy, the boy will be next in succession -- When or if the law is changed, the boy would be ousted by his sister.

If Kate is pregnant with twins, William, who will surely be present for the births, will be able to see firsthand which baby is born first. But in the past that wasn't the case.

In other eras, "the Home Secretary was on hand in the hospital to ensure there was no foul play," says Lacey, "since there were fears that if the firstborn turned out to be a girl, she might get swapped for a substitute baby boy – and smuggled into the bed in a warming pan."

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