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The Crown - The Inside History

Claire Foy as the young Elizabeth, gradually coming to terms with the burden of monarchy.

Scandal. Intrigue. Marital strife. The Crown has it all – and it's turned the Windsors into a Netflix hit. Go behind the scenes with top royal historian Robert Lacey to discover the secrets and truth behind the series' revelations...

In the foreword to Lacey’s book, series' writer Morgan, (also writer of The Queen) tells us: ‘What is truth, and what is fiction? It’s clear that many viewers, while watching The Crown, did so while scrolling through Wikipedia, searching for answers.’ Now the arrival of the long-awaited publication of royal historian Robert Lacey’s official companion book in Britain, with the U.S edition on the way, provides all the answers.

Season One begins with Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip in 1947 and goes on to depict the death of George VI, the Queen’s coronation in 1953, Princess Margaret’s relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend and Churchill’s retirement. However in Season Two of The Crown, ‘Elizabeth II and her country face challenges on many fronts, particularly in the Middle East,’ writes author Robert Lacey. ‘We have watched the tensions developing... and by the end of 1956, after the folly and tragedy of Suez, Britain’s place in the world will never be the same again.’

Discover a world of mystery, secret liaisons and wonder in Lacey's new masterpiece accompanying the top-rated series now.

‘The Crown: The Inside History’ by Robert Lacey is published by Blink Publishing, priced £20. Offer price £16 (20% discount including free p&p) until Oct 15. Order at or call 08445710640.

The information above has been taken from the Daily Mail article reviewing Lacey's latest book. Read the full piece and find out more about the book here.

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