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may you read happily

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Catch these word-wizards on BBC Radio 4's "Quote Unquote" now! In the photo, from left to right Dr Phil Hammond, Britain's funniest doctor; Quotemeister and host Nigel Rees; the wise and wonderful Yasmin Alibhai-Brown; Myself (the only one in a tie), and stand-up comic Miles Jupp and kneeling on the floor - , the reader of all the quotations. -- at our recording of the latest shows in Nigel Rees's long-running series.


The New book to accompany the 2010 film Arabia 3D

Michael Hamilton Morgan (Author), Greg MacGillivray (Introduction), His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al-Faisal (Afterword), Robert Lacey (Foreword)

Sheltered between the cradle of civilization and the busiest trade routes of the ancient world, the Arabian Peninsula is home to millennia-old civilizations that have blossomed and thrived in some of the world's harshest conditions.

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Here's a picture that has just been published around the Middle East -- with a comment from my friend Siraj Wahhab, a senior correspondent for Arab News: Siraj is currently their man in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province.

"The old saying goes “one picture is worth a thousand words.” Most of Saudi Arabia’s Arabic newspapers carried a photograph on Friday’s front-page that has become a talking point on blogs, Internet forums, shisha places, newsrooms and the corridors of power.

I am proud to announce that today Whole Story Audio Books have published Inside the Kingdom -Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia, on CD as an audio book. On 14 CD’s and at over 16 hours of audio I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy Andrew Wincott’s reading of the unabridged work. - I've agonised over every sentence. Why should you be deprived of a single word? - For a little more information on this title please visit the Whole Story website.

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