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The paperback of "Inside the Kingdom"

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Here's the paperback edition of "Inside the Kingdom", hot off the press -- with a great review from the Guardian/Observer: And from the Times Literary Supplement:

“Lacey’s lively, anecdotal account, based in large part on conversations with Saudi men and women, some reformed extremists, some from the royal household, others academics, journalists and business people seeking a more pragmatic way ahead, explains without being either hypercritical or over-defensive how dangerously Saudi Arabia is beset from within and without.

“He has had rare access for any non-Arab foreigner, outside of a small circle of academics, diplomats and other insiders from the realms of oil, business and the military, all or any of whose discretion and impenetrability might deter the inquisitive.”

“The result is a highly readable book that goes far beyond the campaigning, caricature, envy, over-simplification and racism that characterize so much writing about and Western media coverage of the Kingdom.”

Tim Llewellyn, TLS (16.7.10)

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