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Real reader reviews

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Whilst newspapers and journals have their own professional reviewers of new publications, I am always pleased to see real readers reactions to my books. - The Queen: A Life in Brief.

Two recent examples are Lesa's Book Critiques

The Queen: A Life in Brief, is the perfect biography for those of us who are curious, but don't care to know every detail a biographer or the media would normally reveal. It's just the right touch before the Diamond Jubilee.

The second is from the Bookfoolery and Babble blog

Recommended to those who want to learn about the last 80 years or so of the British Monarchy in brief but are not interested in tremendous detail. If you're looking for a more comprehensive biography, check the page lengths of Lacey's books. He's written quite a few and The Queen: A Life in Brief is the shortest. The Queen was the perfect blend for me and also contains a surprisingly nice variety of photographs for such a small book.

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